United Electric Co. manufactures Metal Enclosed Busduct Assemblies for both Low Voltage & High Voltage Applications.

LT Busduct are rated for 660V/1.1 kV Non Segregated type.

HT Busduct are Rated up to 33 kV. Phase segregated with Metallic/Non Metallic partitions.

Enclosure is MS/AL upto 3mm thickness.

All Busducts are Fully Grounded through the Sheet Steel / Al enclosure. Readily accessible external Ground Fish Plates are provided to simplify earthling connections, at Project Site.

All Busducts are supplied with Hanger & Pedestal MS Galvanized Supporting Structure for erection at Site.

Top covers, at times are made of aluminium sheet, even for a MS enclosure, to enhance current Rating.

Paint is normally Epoxy / PP based for enhanced life and is suitable for seaside/tropical installation.

Hardware is of High Tensile Steel or SS as per the applications/project specification To prevent condensation of moisture inside the Air Tight enclosure Drain Plugs/Silica Gel Breathers/Space heaters are provided.

Busbars are fabricated from Electrical Grade Al / Copper Sections as per IS Busbar Joints are tightened with Torque wrenches, with High Tensile Studs/Bolts/Nuts/Washers to ensure proper joints / to minimise Voltage drop across the joint.

Busbar Support for HT System are of Epoxy /Porcelain as specified.

Busbar Supports for LT system are SMC/FRP moulded.

At Wall crossings, fire barriers are used for separation between indoor and outdoor busducts.


Product Range

  • IP:55 Push Button Stations
  • Distribution Board
  • HT Busducts
  • LT Busducts