HT & LT busducts systems are reliable, affordable and readily available. UEC busduct have been supplied for applications like generation & distribution of power in various industries like Petroleum, Steel, Power, Cement etc. Our satisfied customers includes Prestigious Clients like IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, ONGC, OPAC, BHEL, RINL, BHEL to name a few.

UEC HT & LT busducts can be supplied in a wide range of ratings, arrangements, design, materials and enclosure type upto 6000A, 33kv. This range of product has been designed to meet the electrical and physical requirements of virtually any electric power system or equipment installation. Our LT and HT busducts are suitable for installation in almost any environment from sea shore to the high altitude

UEC can supply special assemblies of HT & LT  busducts at a short notice to meet emergency requirements.

HT & LT  busducts are commonly used for:

  • Connections between transformers, generators, and switchgears for transmission of power.
  • Switchgear main bus interconnections


Bus Duct Ratings

Nominal Continuous Current Rating Type Dry Withstand Voltage Rating Impulse Voltage Rating Short Circuit Current Rating
33KV 3000A SPBD 70kVrms 170kVpeak 26.2k Arms/3 sec.
12KV 1600A SPBD 35kVrms 75kVpeak 40k Arms/3 sec.
7.2KV 3000A SPBD 20kVrms 60kVpeak 40k Arms/1 sec.
415V 4000A NSPBD 2.5kVrms - 50k Arms/1 sec.
415V 3500A NSPBD 2.5kVrms - 50k Arms/1 sec.
415V 3000A NSPBD 2.5kVrms - 50k Arms/1 sec.
415V 2500A NSPBD 2.5kVrms - 50k Arms/1 sec.
415V 2000A NSPBD 2.5kVrms - 50k Arms/1 sec.

Typical Dimensions

Nominal Current Rating Dimension in mm
33kV 3000A 1800
12kV 1600A 900
7.2kV 3000A 900
415V 4000A 950
415V 3500A 950
415V 3000A 900
415V 2500A 900
415V 2000A 900