The housing of UEC HT & LT bus ducts are fabricated from 10/12 gauge MS sheet. For higher rated bus ducts, the top cover is of aluminium sheet.

After fabrication, all metal parts are degreased, these are then painted with vinyl wash primer and finished with two coats of epoxy paint in the required shade, to ensure a long service life under adverse environmental conditions.

Grade-5 alloy hardware/stainless steel hardware are used for assembly of bus ducts.

To prevent condensation of moisture inside the bus duct a combination of breather / drain assembly and electrical space heater are provided. Space heaters are wired to readily accessible metallic junction boxes to facilitate field wiring.

All bus bars are fabricated from electrical grade aluminium or annealed electrical grade copper. All bus bar joints are assembled with grade-5 alloy fasteners which are carefully torqued to assure reliable performance under all operating conditions.

Bus bar supports are manufactured from electrical grade fiber glass and reinforced polyester. Alternatively, supports may be manufactured from electrical grade porcelain or cycloaliphatic epoxy. Supports used will be weather and track resistant and will be self-extinguishing.

HT & LT busducts are fully supported on galvanized steel supporting structure. Readily accessible external ground pads are provided to simplify field connection of the bus duct.

For specific cases, the bus duct is equipped with separate ground bus.